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Grant Awards October 2017

Posted on: September 26, 2017

The CTN board at its September meeting finished awarding 3 new grants submitted during the summer. Grants were awarded to:

Avondale Schools received a grant to work with 2nd graders and explore the use of technology in problem solving.  to  CTN member districts.

Wayne State University received a grant to with with museums to explore the use of technology in multicultural learning.

Lake Orion Schools received a grant to experiment with virtual reality in the classroom

For further details see the CTN grant award page.

CTN Grant Award December 2013

Posted on: December 20, 2013

The CTN board awarded a grant to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum to provide interactive kiosks for learners at the museum in concert with classroom program and curriculum.

CTN Awards New Grant September 2013

Posted on: September 4, 2013

September 2013- CTN is pleased to announce a grant to Oakland Schools for a writing collaborative. The grant will use cloud based technology developed at Michigan State University to work with teachers and students across the state to improve student writing skills and provide professional development to teachers. Over 30 teachers and their students will participate in the year long project. For more information go to and click on the Grants Page

CTN Awards New Grant July 2013

Posted on: July 12, 2013

July 2013- CTN is pleased to announce a grant to Detroit Public Television for Pre-School-U: A Program for Parents and Caregivers. DPTV’s “Pre-School-U” The CTN grant will provide for the development costs of web-based and mobile application-based evaluation tools and related connectivity costs. For more information go to and click on the Grants Page

CTN Board Awards New Grants

Posted on: March 12, 2013

March 2013 – At the March CTN board meeting the board approved new grants to partner organizations. For more information go to the Grants Page

CTN Receives The Outstanding Community Connector Award

Posted on: June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011- CTN received the award for “Outstanding Community Connector” at the CBAIS Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on June 27, 2011. In recognition of its leadership, vision, and determination to share the benefits of broadband Internet access with all the people of Detroit, the Connect Your Community Project- of One Community in Cleveland, Ohio presented the “Outstanding Community Connector Award” to The Community Telecommunications Network on June 27, 2011.

CTN received the award as a part of its ongoing efforts to collaborate and build upon resources available to provide access to 21st century to the citizens of this region. CTN was the recipient of a grant from the Knight Foundation for network infrastructure to provide broadband service in selected areas of Detroit. The Knight funds were then used as match to get $3.1 million in ARRA-Connect Your Community funds. The Connect Your Community funds are being used for local training and support in partnership with Focus Hope Matrix Human Services and The Child Care Coordinating Council of Wayne County. In addition, Blue Cross/Blue Shield then followed with 1,700 laptops for project participants (See related story). This combination of network access, training/support, and equipment has made the Detroit operation the envy of the other 5 cities in the CYC grant. To date, more than 1,800 people have graduated and become successful broadband adopters in the targeted, low-income Detroit neighborhoods. The combined efforts are changing peoples’ lives.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan contributes 1,700 refurbished laptop computers

Posted on: December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010 — Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is contributing 1,700 refurbished laptop computers to the Detroit “Connect your Community” project. CTN is an active partner in the project working to provide wireless broadband service to participants. The contribution from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan completes the third leg of this partnership providing access, training and technology to members of the community in areas that have not had services or tools available until now. “We are thrilled to participate in the Connect Your Community project in Detroit, and to partner with the various service organizations in their efforts to engage and empower people as they connect to broadband service and improve their computer literacy,” said Bill Toples, BCBSM director of Community Responsibility.

“Connect Your Community” is a multi-city initiative designed to expand broadband Internet training and spur adoption by more than 5,000 Detroit residents. The project has allocated $3 million in funds to work in three designated Detroit neighborhoods served by Focus: HOPE, Child Care Coordinating Council of Wayne County and Matrix Human Services to help low-income households use broadband Internet services. The “Connect Your Community” will serve a total of 20,000 across the country, including Ohio, Kentucky, Florida and Mississippi. The project is an $18.7 million federal award funded by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program award announced in September 2010 by the U.S Department of Commerce.