Call for Proposals: Reimagining Learning in the 21st Century

Educators — here is your chance to experiment with and demonstrate the value of wireless/mobile technology for students and educators.

Community Telecommunications Network (CTN) serves K-12, higher education, and public television communities in metropolitan Detroit, through grants and links to the educational resources of its member institutions within Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.

Educators and community organizations have an opportunity to obtain funding for pilot projects that demonstrate the value of access to wireless Internet as a tool to re-imagine learning in the 21st century.

CTN is looking to fund INNOVATIVE uses of digital learning tools by students and educators. Don’t just tell us you ‘need some iPads.’ We’re looking for 10X thinking, not 10% thinking. Tell us what your students are going to do with the digital learning tools and why it will be incredible. Describe for us why your students can’t make a difference in their learning and the world around them without these funds. Speak to our hearts as well as our minds and sell us a vision of learning and teaching that’s inspiring and amazing! What will your moonshot be?

Grant awards typically range between $5,000 and $35,000, and are funded for one year with possible extension into a second year.

To review the mission and goals of CTN, download grant application forms, and review summaries of previously funded proposals, visit the CTN website at

For further information contact CTN at