CTN Mission

The mission of CTN is to enhance learning and the quality of life in southeast Michigan through the creative use of telecommunications and digital technologies.

CTN Focus Areas

  1. Improving educational attainment for citizens of southeast Michigan. CTN collaborates with public, governmental and non-profit organizations to develop projects that increase learning and improve instructional pedagogy through innovative uses of wireless communication and digital technologies.
  2. Supporting community development in southeast Michigan. CTN works with its partner organizations to close the digital divide, promote equity, and increase access for underserved citizens in the region.  CTN also collaborates with public, governmental and non-profit organizations to support social, cultural, civic and wellness initiatives that strengthen local communities.

CTN Priorities for 2020-22

CTN seeks to develop and support innovative projects that use digital technologies to:

  1. Establish learning environments that demonstrate new and creative technology applications.
  2. Provide cutting edge skill building and professional development for educators.
  3. Increase access to digital technologies and their benefits, working through schools and community-based organizations serving children and families.
  4. Support regional talent development for high-demand career areas.