Application Instructions

You can also download these guidelines as a Microsoft Word document.

When applying for a CTN Grant, please provide the following information in this order. Use these headings, subheadings and numbers. Section II should not exceed 2,000 words.

To submit a grant, prepare a written proposal according to the CTN Grant Application Guidelines. When the proposal is completed, email as a PDF file to Note in the SUBJECT field that you are submitting a new grant application.

Section I – Applicant Information (All items required.)

  1. Date of Application
  2. Organization /name/address (If the organization is a school, include the name of the school district)
  3. Project/Program Title
  4. Contact Person/title/phone/email
  5. Amount requested
  6. Project start and end dates

Section II – Narrative (Limited to 2,000 words.)

  1. Executive Summary
    • Briefly explain why your organization is requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if the grant is awarded.
  2. Purpose of Grant
    • Statement of needs/problems to be addressed; description of target audience and how they will benefit.
    • Description of project goals, measurable objectives, action plans, and statement as to whether this is a new initiative or a supplement to ongoing programs/services.
    • Timetable for implementation.
    • If applicable, list additional partners in the project and their roles.
    • Key personnel for the project
    • Strategies to support/continue the project at end of grant period.
  3. Evaluation
    • Plans for evaluation including how success will be defined and measured.
    • Description of how evaluation results will be used and/or disseminated and, if applicable, how the project will be replicated.
    • If applicable, description of the active involvement of students or project/program constituents in evaluating the program.
  4. Budget Description
    • Technology expenses
      • Description, quantity, unit cost, and total cost for all equipment/connectivity
    • Additional expenses
      • Expenditures in addition to the technology/connectivity that will be purchased for the project/program
    • Description of in-kind support for the project
    • Supplemental resources
      • List of grants, contributions, or other sources of revenue, if any, to be used for the project

Section III – Budget Worksheet

  • Include a one-page summary of the project budget by category. Sample categories include:
    • Equipment/Connectivity
    • Purchased Services
    • Materials/Supplies
    • Printing and Copying
    • Evaluation
    • Marketing
    • Other (specify)
  • Include total amount requested from CTN.
  • CTN policy does not allow for indirect cost expenses.