The Apollo Summer – 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Apollo Missions

Grant recipient: Michigan Science Center

The Traveling Science team, MiSci’s Outreach program, develops new content each year to align with the reading theme set forth by the Collaborative Summer Library Program. Libraries, schools and community based organizations throughout Michigan that have limited access to extracurricular STEM programming, have repeatedly chosen to bring MiSci’s team to their site year after year.  

In the summer of 2019, the reading theme is ‘Space’ to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions to the moon. The Traveling Science program plans to deliver space programs to an estimated 3,000 people across Michigan from June to August. In general, Traveling Science programs hosted at libraries are designed to reach families with elementary aged children.  

With the support of the Community Telecommunications Network (CTN) we expect to reach up to 3,000 program participants through the delivery of MiSci’s Traveling Science programs and 50 informal educators as we build our Apollo Professional Learning Community. We anticipate the informal educators participating in the program to increase the reach of the program by at least another 6,000 students.