Year 2: Making STEAM through Maker & STEM Connections for K-12 Students

This  project was designed to build capacity for maker-centered and STEM learning opportunities within each of Wayne County’s 33 school districts over a period of 2-3 years. The CTN Board supported the multi-year approach and approved initial funding in Summer, 2018.  The team partnered with The Henry Ford that fall and offered the first Maker Summit in Spring, 2019. A cohort of 24 educators from 12 school districts was launched for the 2019-20 school year and each cohort district received $3,800 to purchase materials for a local Maker/STEM space.

The project team will continue the multi-year Maker/STEM project for 2020-21. They will conduct a virtual 2021 Maker Summit, ongoing support for the first maker/STEM cohort, a new cohort with teachers from 9 additional school districts, and materials needed for those districts to set up local maker/STEM spaces.