Michigan Learning Channel Learning and Building Statewide (LABS)

Since the launch of the Michigan Learning Channel (MLC), educators have been asking for more
Michigan aligned resources that have been vetted and are known and trusted to be high
quality. In the past year, the MLC has been building project-based lesson plans with local
educators that include media components with great success. The MLC is looking to develop a
collaborative framework for de-centralized creation and sharing of these resources while
highlighting the innovative work of local educators in its networks.

This grant will fund stipends and equipment kits for a cohort of educators who will, over the
course of the school year, learn together and co-design the LABS learning community by
piloting instructional resources from the MLC and PBS and creating media projects that will be
used in their classrooms with the overall goal of creating student-led content that can be
showcased on public television’s statewide broadcast channel and across its digital platforms.
In addition to the virtual community of educators that will be cultivated throughout the year,
MLC will host a free hybrid end-of-year summit in Southeast Michigan, bringing together LABS
teachers as thought leaders and trailblazers who will share their work and showcase the lessons
and projects they created alongside their students. The summit will be a space for all educators
to learn more about media literacy and digital innovation, fueling the growth of our community
with an eye towards the future.

Ultimately, the goals of the LABS project are to directly support creative and innovative
educators and to celebrate those educators in front of the public. Participation in the LABS
teacher community will enhance teacher expertise, agency, and capacity to lead students in
media literacy and education. The culminating celebratory summit is intended to highlight the
work of these teachers and positively impact public perception and support for Michigan
educators and students.