Detroit Public Television / Michigan Learning Channel: Michigan Virtual Field Trips

The Michigan Learning Channel was established early in 2021 to bridge digital divides and provide standards-aligned supplemental educational resources for use by teachers, students, and parents all across Michigan. This first-of-its-kind statewide collaboration and broadcast provides a unique opportunity to expose students to locations and learning experiences all around the state of Michigan, utilizing the state’s unique cultural, historical, and educational resources. In January, 2022, the Michigan Learning Channel was reaching an average of 500,000 broadcast viewers a month.

Using CTN grant funds, Detroit Public Television will build a library of content that reflects the state’s unique attributes. DPTV will collaborate with each of the five other public television stations in Michigan produce a video “virtual field trip” with institutions unique to their communities. In addition, DPTV will produce its own virtual field trip in Southeast Michigan. These videos will be planned in collaboration with K-12 educators and accompanied by activity guides and classroom-ready materials in alignment with Michigan’s educational standards. All materials will be broadcast on the Michigan Learning Channel and will be available for unlimited download and classroom use (through Google Classroom) at the channel’s website Once created, these materials can be used for many years to supplement learning in Michigan classrooms.